The Academy

The Academy is in a league of its own providing a full-time education and training program tailored for the next generation of great AFL players.

The Academy creates a learning environment that allows players to work on their AFL knowledge, skills, personal attributes and engage with their community.

Here to give you the head start you deserve, we are The Academy.

The Approach

Here at The Academy, we know being a top AFL player requires more than talent alone. Which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to an approach that focuses on developing students athleticism, educational skills and personal attributes to help further their success.

The Course

Our course is tailored to provide students with a curriculum that covers all three elements of our approach; athleticism, educational skills and personal attributes.

Over two years, students will work towards the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning Certificate (both Intermediate Year 1, and Senior Year 2).

The course has been developed in consultation with industry experts. It is structured in a way that ensures students will have further study or employment options once they have completed their time at The Academy.

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Real Life Perspective

We wanted to get the real truth about what goes on in the industry so we asked a variety of individuals from different areas of AFL to share some of their experiences, stories and advice with us.