The Academy

The Academy is in a league of its own providing a unique full-time education and training program that fits the needs of emerging elite athletes.

The curriculum is based on real life skills, integrated with an elite fitness program. This approach prepares students for a career in a high-performance environment and develops their academic skills for multiple career pathway options. 

For young athletes, The Academy is the optimal setting to learn and train from the best, hone their skills and take their footy to the next level. 

Welcome to The Academy. 

The Approach

Research, life experience and industry consultation allowed us to create a unique education model that addresses the needs of emerging athletes. Particular focus is placed on emotional intelligence, resilience and critical thinking required in a high-performance environment. In this way, an approach that focuses on the development of athleticism, education and personal attributes is what will translate into life skills that contribute to success on and off the field. 

The Course

Students will gain the relevant education skills and knowledge that enables them to be great both on and off the field, whilst also gaining life skills that can translate into their personal life and potential careers outside of football.

Over two years, students will acquire their Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning, and undertake The Academy Professional Development program and The Academy Strength and Conditioning Program. 


Real Life Perspective

Learn from the best. See below some examples of experiences, stories and advice shared with us. We have gathered extensive industry expertise from different areas of the AFL to help simulate an AFL environment at The Academy.