A Well-Rounded Approach to Student Wellbeing

We take a holistic approach at The Academy with wellness playing a pivotal role in our day-to-day operations as an education provider and High Performance Program.

Our unique approach to wellness sees students completing a daily check-in when they first arrive on campus. The wellness check-in has been specifically designed to collect meaningful information that has immediate impact on staff, but most importantly, the students.

There are two components within the daily wellness check-ins:

  1. Mental Wellbeing: this includes questions related to how students are feeling in general about life, feelings towards school and gratitude reflections.

  2. Physical Wellbeing: this includes questions related to students’ physical fitness, ability to complete training, and recent sleep and diet quality.

Responses to these questions allow The Academy staff to optimise students’ day-to-day experience and overall wellness.

When our wellness system flags that a particular student may be struggling either mentally or physically, our staff and specialised mental health practitioners are directly contacted to begin a support plan for the student.

Our wellness system ensures that no stone is left unturned in nurturing our students along their journey with us at The Academy.

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