Money Matters (Year 11)

“You won’t burn once you learn what it takes to earn it!”

Helping students learn practical and applicable life skills is a key pillar of The Academy curriculum, and nowhere is this clearer than in Year 11 Numeracy Money Matters modules.

In Year 11 Numeracy, students revisit and reinforce keys concepts and skills regarding calculations and practical applications of numeracy in the real world. This foundation then allows them to apply these skills further with specific financial literacy concepts.

Students study simple and compound interest rates, and how they apply in situations with credit cards and personal loans. Not only does this allow them to understand the importance of investing and setting long-term financial goals, but also helps them learn about the potential dangers and risks regarding personal debts and misuse or credit cards. Student practice this knowledge by calculating capital gains increases upon investments made by their favourite AFL players, and by determining the repayments required to take out a loan to fund an upcoming holiday – students soon learn that it might be better to postpone the holiday and save a while longer rather than take out a loan.

Further calculation skills are explored when students begin planning their personal budgets in the instance they find themselves on an average first-year AFL player’s salary.  In addition to the numeracy skills students hone, they also begin to appreciate the value of what it takes to run a household. Teachers find that once students have a genuine understanding of their finances (including how they spend and save it), they develop a greater appreciation of what it takes to earn it – a valuable lesson that our families are pleased to see their sons develop.

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