The Academy Pathway Program

Whilst the aspirations of nearly every student that attends The Academy is to play football at the highest level, they also know how important it is to explore and prepare for alternative pathways in their life after high school.

Whether it be a career in the football industry, like a coach, statistician or player development manager, or perhaps in another industry that aligns with their other passions, such as carpentry or even teaching, The Academy helps its students work out where they want to go and how they’re going to get there.

In Year 11, students start to explore ideas about their future by researching Career Cluster theory and how to widen their career options by understanding that many jobs and careers share similar roles and responsibilities, and require almost identical sets of skills and capabilities. This theory helps students realise they don’t have to know what their one “dream job” is just yet (or even ever), and that any further training and education they complete will open up a range of possibilities they can choose from.

In year 12, students research certain career choices in-depth, including understanding what next steps they may need to take to help them achieve their future goals. This research starts by studying labour market information relevant to their career preferences, including salary expectations, future growth trends, employability prospects, and the minimum qualifications required. Understanding these points helps students confirm or reconsider their initial career directions.

Soon-to-be graduates will then begin planning, in consultation with the Head of Student Experience and Pathways, their next steps, which may include applying for courses of study at university, TAFEs or other RTOs. These plans are documented in students’ individual pathway plans and families have the opportunity to meet with The Academy to help them understand their sons’ future.

The Academy prides itself on supporting its graduates with their futures, even well after they graduate. The Academy maintains an open-door policy in that any current or past students are always welcome to come back and receive any career guidance or advice if and when they need it.