Battle of the Businesses

“Boys battle their businesses for a cause”

Every year, one of the most popular tasks that year 12s students complete across all campuses is Battle of the Business in their Real World (Personal Development) subject. In this task, students work in groups to form a fictional company with the objective to raise awareness and fund-raise for a charity of their choice.

Once their companies are formed and charities chosen, student groups plan how they can achieve their objectives by designing and sourcing a product they can sell to their peers and families. To support the sale of their products, groups will determine several factors including risks, budgets, target markets, marketing needs + more. Products must also be aligned with the charities they are supporting.

Students rotate responsibilities throughout their project planning and delivery, taking turns at chairing and documenting formal meeting proceedings.

One of the critical steps they’ll complete in the process is design marketing collateral, including creating a team video with a clear marketing message to publish through their social media channels. Groups must also prepare a pitch presentation to the charity they wish to support.

The groups will gain real-world experience when they launch their product, make sales, handle funds in and out, and order their customised products to fulfil customer orders.

Students finish the project with a self-evaluation and a reflection on how the ‘company’ worked as a team.