High Performance Program – Intern Reflection

Each year The Academy High Performance Program offers multiple internship programs for aspiring strength and conditioning professionals.

Whilst studying a double Bachelor of Exercise Science/Sport Management at Deakin University, Georgia Whiteley completed her internship with the students at the Geelong campus. Here’s what she had to say about her time at The Academy.

“The High Performance Internship Program at The Academy kick-started my passion for strength and conditioning within team sports. I originally took a place in the program to meet my university requirements, and I finished the year having gained priceless experience and skills that have set me up for my career.

The internship allowed me to explore various aspects of high performance, both in the gym and on the football field. I took part in planning progressive strength and power programs, built my knowledge and assessment of sprint biomechanics, led conditioning sessions and implemented recovery and testing protocols. I developed my ability to critically evaluate training plans, maximising limited contact time to help students take full advantage of the High Performance Program.

Throughout the year I was inspired to develop my own voice as a coach, learning how to manage varying degrees of skill, strength and prior experience in the gym. The support from the High Performance team enabled me to become a more confident coach which positively impacted how I interacted with athletes. I was provided with countless opportunities to plan and run programs, stretch my understanding and put my own twist on the sessions. I felt like a valued and respected member of the team, both by the students and teachers involved in the Program.

Jake Giannakis, Head of High Performance at The Academy, endeavoured to help the team make the most of the internship by organising professional development and networking sessions whilst we couldn’t be on campus due to Covid-19. The interpersonal skills and connections I made as a result have assisted me to get job offers long after finishing the internship.

Looking forward, my career goal is to end up in high performance sport. In the coming year, I’m looking to run my own program with a semi-elite club and continue to develop my own impact in the industry. I’m continuing to seek out and learn from incredible coaches, a key value I learnt from my time with The Academy. The High Performance Internship turned out to be much more than a university requirement. I left the program with a larger skill set, sound understanding of long term athletic development and have become an stronger coach all-round.”

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