Learning with us

Learning Approach

Success comes as a result of all different pathways and anyone can achieve their goals if they’re given the right environment in which to nurture them.

The Academy is a different kind of school. Using an approach that steers away from outdated methods, we’re preparing Australia’s boys for a future that’s built on their passion.

The curriculum at The Academy is tailored in a way that allows students to take a proactive approach to their education. Designed for more practical learners (largely athletes), we’re removing the stigma associated with VCAL and proving that a real-world education is the key to success.


Curriculum Snapshot

  • VCALINT001 – VCAL Intermediate (Year 11)
  • VCALSEN001 – VCAL Senior (Year 12)
  • SIS30115 – Cert III in Sports & Recreation
  • Contextualised learning to suit students’ passions
  • Designed and updated by the industry
  • Direct entry into numerous university courses

The curriculum is based on The Academy’s 3 P’s of Holistic Education: Personal, Passion & Professional.


Student Development Programme

To help students understand their strengths & celebrate who they are.

A personal development manager helps pupils set goals and ensure they’re happy at school and at home.


High-Performance Programme

So students can do what they love, enhance skills & enjoy their time at school.

Instilling a high-performance mindset to give students the drive to achieve their goals.


Curriculum & Pathway Options

To ensure students are educated to a level that allows them to create any pathway they want.

Educating students in literacy and numeracy they’ll actually use in the real world, in a way that relates to their passion for football.

Course Structure

The Academy program is delivered over 3 phases: Discovery, Growth & Launch Pad.

Year 11

Phase 1: Discovery

Who am I?

The first phase in our Year 11s journey lays a solid foundation of self awareness and passion based education improving engagement through The Academy culture.

National Curriculum Code: VCALINT001 & SIS30115

Year 12

Phase 2: Growth

Where do I want to go?

This middle phase sees students master their individual learning and leadership styles becoming aware of the opportunities which are now possibilities.

National Curriculum Code: VCALSEN001 & SIS30115

Phase 3: Launch Pad

How am I going to get there?

This final phase in our year 12’s education acts as a platform to prepare them for the next steps of their journey. Designed to lift the stress and anxiety students experience transitioning into the real world.

Using The Academy’s learning and assessment material, GOTAFE trainers provide students for Essendon & Wangaratta with VCAL and VET training and assessment, issuing nationally accredited certification on completion. Find out more here.


Educating & Preparing for the Future

Students undertake a learning structure environment that’s more closely linked to university or TAFE to prepare them for further study. They’ll be involved in face-to-face and online workshops and lectures throughout the two years, as well as three work placements.


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