Learning with us

Learning Approach

Success comes as a result of all different pathways and anyone can achieve their goals if they’re given the right environment in which to nurture them.

The Academy is a different kind of school. Using an approach that steers away from outdated methods, we’re preparing Australia’s boys for a future that’s built on their passion.

The curriculum at The Academy is tailored in a way that allows students to take a proactive approach to their education. Designed for more practical learners (largely athletes), we’re removing the stigma associated with VCAL and proving that a real-world education is the key to success.


Curriculum Snapshot

  • Year 11 & 12 certificate
  • VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning)
  • Contextualised learning to suit students’ passions
  • Designed and updated by the industry
  • Direct entry into numerous university courses

The curriculum is based on The Academy’s 3 P’s of Holistic Education: Personal, Passion & Professional.


Student Development Programme

To help students understand their strengths & celebrate who they are.

A personal development manager helps pupils set goals and ensure they’re happy at school and at home.


High-Performance Programme

So students can do what they love, enhance skills & enjoy their time at school.

Instilling a high-performance mindset to give students the drive to achieve their goals.


Curriculum & Pathway Options

To ensure students are educated to a level that allows them to create any pathway they want.

Educating students in literacy and numeracy they’ll actually use in the real world, in a way that relates to their passion for football.

Course Structure

The Academy program is delivered over 3 phases: Discovery, Growth & Launch Pad.

Year 11

Phase 1: Discovery

Who am I?

The first phase in our Year 11s journey lays a solid foundation of self awareness and passion based education improving engagement through The Academy culture.

National Curriculum Code: VCALINT001

Year 12

Phase 2: Growth

Where do I want to go?

This middle phase sees students master their individual learning and leadership styles becoming aware of the opportunities which are now possibilities.

National Curriculum Code: VCALSEN001

Phase 3: Launch Pad

How am I going to get there?

This final phase in our year 12’s education acts as a platform to prepare them for the next steps of their journey. Designed to lift the stress and anxiety students experience transitioning into the real world.

National Curriculum Code:22313VIC
Delivered by GOTAFE RTO Code:

Educating & Preparing for the Future

Students undertake a learning structure environment that’s more closely linked to university or TAFE to prepare them for further study. They’ll be involved in face-to-face and online workshops and lectures throughout the two years, as well as three work placements.


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