Letter to the Editor (Year 12)

“Helping students develop their voice in today’s world”

Year 12 students further practice their persuasive writing skills to voice their opinions in a public setting. Students’ Letter to the Editor assessment sees them to utilise different writing techniques (e.g humour, compassion, evidence-based, etc.) and styles (e.g. formal or informal) to draft an opinion piece on a topic or issue they feel passionate about.

Students study examples of real-world texts to identify what makes a good (and bad) persuasive text, use templates to apply new writing skills and knowledge, and complete thorough planning and drafting processes to ensure their final product achieves the most impact.

Once finished and submitted for assessment, students then send their opinion piece to a real-life newspaper with the hopes of seeing their work published. Previous years at The Academy have seen students have their work published in a variety of Victorian newspapers, including the Herald Sun.

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