Let’s start with your Full Name:

James Jackson Krajina.

How old are you:

I am almost 17.

Who’s your AFL team:

My whole life I’ve barracked for Collingwood Football Club in which one day I endeavor to play for.

Since enrolling at The Academy, I have been a lot more involved with my community and enjoy being given the opportunity to give back to others.

James Krajina

Where were you studying last year?

My high school journey started off at Copperfield College in Kings Park where I studied from year 7 to year 10.

How did you hear about the academy?

I was contacted by The Academy via Instagram and this was the first I had heard of this new school. They told me I was playing some solid footy and thought that they could help me improve my footy skills whilst finishing my year 11 and 12.

I love playing football and everyone at The Academy also shares the same passion.

What was the application process like for you?

Applying to enrol for The Academy was pretty easy. I received an application form via email along with a bunch of information brochures and all I had to do was send the completed application back and then a couple of weeks later I received an official letter congratulating me on my acceptance.

Did you have to convince your parents to let you attend or were they on board from the beginning?

When I first told my parents about The Academy they were a little skeptical as it was a new school that none of us had heard of. My parents always wanted me to go to a sporting school and they knew that this was something I really wanted.

Together we organised meetings with many different schools but once we had the initial meeting with The Academy I was sold straight away. During the interview I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face because this is what I had dreamed a school would be like. My parents were still unsure but because I enjoyed the interview so much and saw what The Academy could offer compared to other schools, they finally agreed that I could enrol after many more follow up phone calls and further research.

So, how has your first term gone so far, is it everything you expected?

The first term has gone just as expected according to the course outline that we were given at the beginning of the year. I personally didn’t think that school would beas interactive as it is. Everything so far has revolved around football which keeps my attention while in the class room.

The Academy provide me ongoing support and encouragement to reach my aspirations and goals.

What’s it like getting to hang out with footy legend Alex Rance while you’re at school?

Alex Rance is approachable and easy going. He continues to help us improve ourselves both in the classroom as well as on the football field.

What do you hope to do at the end of your studies at The Academy?

After the two years of studying at The Academy I will have obtained my Victorian Certificate Of Applied Learning (VCAL) as well as my Certificate II in Community Services. In the second year of my studies I will be given the opportunity to commence an Electrical Apprenticeship in which I hope to complete the following years.

If you could meet anyone famous (dead or alive) who would it be?

If I could meet one famous person I would love to meet is Arnold Schwarzenegger as he has inspired me to be focused on the thing I dream of doing. He’s proved that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

Who is your biggest supporter?

The biggest supporters to me is my family because they are constantly giving me advice to make the right choices. They always support my decisions and believe in me and what I want to be doing with my life.

What do you like to do when you’re not living and breathing footy?

During the off season I try to remain fit and healthy by going to the gym and running. Working out is something that helps me keep my mind busy. I love to go on camping trips with family, spending all day motorbike riding and fishing. I also enjoy dismantling engines and putting them back together.


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