Learning with us

Physical Development

Each student at The Academy enrols because they are passionate about AFL.

For two years, they’ll be placed in an AFL-simulated environment that focuses on personal growth and high performance to prepare them in the next step of their football journey.

An Athletic Profiling Database is maintained to monitor individual development, with data collected during 4 replicated AFL combine sessions. It is then used to identify strengths and weaknesses for a tailored programme. The results are fed through to families and clubs (NAB League & local).

The Academy enhances performance by focusing on the following major components:


AFL standard drills to improve structural and system awareness, as well as decision-making and execution.

Running Tech

Improve movement efficiency to enhance football capacity.


Regenerate & adapt from stress, working with a physical therapist during the in-season phase of the football competition.

Injury Rehab

Enhance regeneration capacity & return the student to full performance as soon as possible.


Students are fitter, faster, more powerful & agile, to better adapt to the physical demands of football.

Cross Train

To assist with load management on legs, and improve fitness & body composition. Includes pilates, swimming, biking, yoga, etc.

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