Staff in the Spotlight: Adam White

Since joining the team in 2019, Adam White, The Academy’s Head of Student Journey, has helped welcome and support dozens of new students and their families into The Academy community. We sat down with Adam to find out what is involved in The Academy student journey.

The Academy: Hi Adam. How’s 2021 at The Academy been so far this year?

Adam: Hi – it’s been great! It has meant so much to have students back on campus and learning and training face-to-face consistently again.

TA: For those that aren’t so across the Head of Student Journey, can you tell us a little bit about what you do within The Academy?

A: Sure! The Student Journey begins when students accept their offer to join The Academy, and goes through until their graduation and beyond – we still like to keep in touch with our graduates to offer support if ever they need it. During this Journey I help students and their families with enrolment and administration; design and run the Community Engagement Program; and deliver the students’ Pathway Development Program.

TA: Are we correct in assuming that, like the other staff and teachers within The Academy, you have a passion for football?

A: I do now, but I was a late arrival to the great game. I was born interstate and spent most of my life living in Queensland. Aussie Rules is definitely growing in popularity up there but it was very much about Rugby League. I started living in Melbourne in 2017, and specifically Footscray, and quickly became a pretty keen Western Bulldogs supporter and try to go to most games they play in Victoria, especially the games they play out in Ballarat.

TA: Good to hear. How does this influence how you deliver the Pathway Development Program, for example?

A: The Pathway Development Program is essentially students’ career development component. In addition to the Work-Related Skills units students complete in their VCAL curriculum, this Program helps students think about transforming their skills and interests into meaningful career possibilities in the short and long term. Students also learn what is required to make these possibilities a reality, including further study and training options. How I like to weave in that passion for footy is by helping students learn about the range of careers linked to football and sport in general. My belief is that there are many ways to be successful in the footy industry, and it doesn’t just have to happen out on the field.

TA: Would you say you’re just as passionate about helping students find their pathways as you are about footy?

A: 100% I love seeing our graduates go after their dreams, whether that be an apprenticeship, university or TAFE, or some other option after school they find meaningful. My background is in career development, having also worked at universities in Australia and the U.K. before joining The Academy, and I love being able to share these experiences with the students – even if [the students] think I’m too passionate about it sometimes.

TA: What about the Community Engagement Program? What does that involve?

A: The Academy community includes obviously the students, but also their families and our graduates from previous years too. What the Community Engagement Program does is help the families and graduates feel just as much a part of the The Academy experience as the current students do. We achieve this through regular newsletters, social media updates, hosting afternoon teas and social events, as well as some fun in-class stuff to help our students from across the different campuses feel connected to each other.

TA: Thanks for that, Adam. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

A: Not too much, I guess. Besides The Academy and the Bulldogs, I’m really into surfing and looking after my greyhound, JJ (named after Bulldog Norm Smith medalist, Jason Johannisen).

Thanks Adam for sharing this information with us. All the best for the rest of 2021 and good luck to the Bulldogs!

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