Student in the Spotlight: Joseph Heffernan

Some of The Academy’s greatest assets is each and every student that pulls on their uniform and gives their all to the experience. One of those students is Year 12 Geelong campus student, Joseph Heffernan. We caught up with Joey and let him tell us a bit more about himself and what he likes about being at The Academy!

The Academy: Hi Joseph. How have you been? Happy to be playing footy again?

Joseph: I’ve been good. Yeah, I’m very happy to be running out and playing footy again.

TA: It’s great that we can get back out there and play with our mates and use some of the new skills that we’re learning at The Academy. What club are you currently playing for and have you always played for them?

J: I’m currently playing for the Dennington Football & Netball Club. I recently left Terang Mortlake Football & Netball Club, I played for them for 5 years.  My first club though was the Warrnambool Football Club. I was 10 when I started playing there.

TA: What position are you playing for Dennington?

J: I enjoy playing in the back flank  when I get the chance because I like being able to read the play from this position.

TA: You were one of the first students in the inaugural Geelong campus cohort. What have you found you most enjoy about attending The Academy since you started?

J: I like attending The Academy because it is personalised to my passion for footy. I also like the different subjects that you wouldn’t learn in a normal school. For example understanding maths by using footy statistics and things like that.

TA: Can you tell us some examples of the way in which you feel you’ve developed within yourself during your time at The Academy?

J: I definitely feel that through The Academy I have developed a better sense of life’s bigger picture, like what life might be like for me outside of school and how I see myself in it.

TA: Thanks for your time and answers, Joey. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you or any special shoutouts you’d like to give?

J: Thank you for having me. There’s not much more to know about me but I’d like to say make a shoutout for my close friends and family. Cheers!