Student in the Spotlight: Theodore Miliopoulos

After signing up to join The Academy over a year in advance, current year 11 student, Theodore Miliopoulos, shared his experiences on how he has found his first year at The Academy

The Academy: Hi Theo. How are things?

Theodore: I’m going very well, thanks. I’m really happy to be back on campus and seeing the other boys again. Being an only child, I’ve been missing the boys and being able to spend time together on campus.

TA: You put your name down to come to The Academy whilst you were still only in year 9 – how did you know so early that you wanted to make the move to The Academy?

T: I wanted to move to an environment that could help me with my passion for footy but also my learning. My parents and I found The Academy online and came to an information night. Before Alex [Rance] could finish speaking about The Academy, I knew I’d found the place I wanted to be at.

TA: Like 2020, this year hasn’t quite gone to plan like we hoped it would – have you found that being with The Academy has made lockdowns and remote learning different to last year at your previous school?

T: It’s definitely been different, but 100% better. The year 11s are a tight group and we’ve helped each other throughout online learning. The classes at my old school certainly weren’t as close, and remote learning has definitely made this feel more obvious. We also have “End of Block” parties which have been really great, too. They’ve been a nice way to have a laugh, break up the weeks, and celebrate achievements on a regular basis.

TA: You’ve said that you feel your class is a tight group. What’s it like having the other students at The Academy, and your teacher, all able to share the same passion for footy as you do?

T: It’s been really important to have that one thing we can all bond over. Each day, especially during remote learning, we’d spend at least the first 30 minutes talking about footy; what footy fan wouldn’t love that? Again, compared to my old school, the difference it makes being somewhere where you feel you share the same passion and interests as everyone else has been amazing.

TA: Now that we’re approaching the end of 2021 what have been some of your favourite memories or highlights from your first year at The Academy?

T: I would say [Week 1] in which we did all of the Academy Athlete testing for the first time, and making friends, was really fun . Also, the “End of Block” parties where we all dress up or bring something is something I’m always looking forward to.

TA: Thanks for your time and answers, Theo. We look forward to seeing what you achieve in 2022!