The Academy works with students to build upon their skills and enhance their performance throughout their entire 2-year journey at the program.

Our trainers, mentors and teachers are all industry professionals who work with student’s to monitor, analyse and perfect their training and performance pre, during and post season.

Access to current technologies that track and monitor student’s performance allow us to analyze and apply the data while at The Academy, in addition to passing this information onto the students and their club.

We work with student’s to develop best practice skills early, so once they reach a professional level they are ready and prepared for what’s to come.


– The Academy Fitness App

– Emulates AFL setting

– GPS Tracking and monitoring

Our program has been designed around some life skills that will ensure students develop and foster personal attributes conducive to any environment they enter into. The curriculum aims to prepare the student with both the knowledge of the AFL system, while also ensuring they understand these skills are transferable to everyday life.

Our curriculum promotes critical thinking, independence, leadership and teamwork while developing resilient, compassionate and capable community members.

Through working with Industry experts, our students get a firsthand look into real life learning examples and will develop their courage, integrity and self-discipline.

We believe in developing smart players that will strengthen their applied knowledge base, to enhance their overall performance as an athlete


– Tailored syllabus

– Game plan analysis

– Paperless system

The Academy aims to encourage the development of a good person who asks questions, engages in their community and develops a personal set of values that become their brand.

Developing into a professional AFL player comes with many other responsibilities, and as such our curriculum includes units that will help students understand how to operate both inside and outside the bubble that is Australian Rules Football.

But being a good person extends further than being an AFL player. The curriculum ensures students are aware of issues in the community, developing life skills such as managing personal finances, cooking meals and completing job applications and interviews.

We know it is important for students to develop other interests and hobbies outside their passion for AFL, and we help them explore and develop healthy habits.


– Community involvement

– Team involvement

– Personal Development