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Why The Academy?

40% of students are currently disengaged in their school*.

40% of students are currently disengaged in their school*.  It’s a worrying figure, but what is being done to fix it? Not much. The education system has hardly evolved in the last 50 years and traditional teaching methods remain the norm for every student, with minimal regard to the individual and how they learn.

You wouldn’t call a fish a failure, just because it can’t climb a tree, right?

Three years ago, The Academy set out to fix the system and bring a modern, effective way of learning to Australia’s young adults.

* A 2012 Behaviour at School Study (BaSS) conducted in South Australia


When students are passionately engaged in their education, it shows through their results and fulfilment levels. Students are more excited about their future when they’re equipped with the tools to live a life they love.


We have created a connected culture through an environment that allows students to align their education with their passion.
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We are committed to preparing students for the future through our discovery, growth and launch pad phases.
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Having a strong connection to the wider community, we enable our students to understand where they fit and how they can giveback.

By offering contextualised education, our students connect with and retain what they learn.
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Designed by Industry Leaders, our curriculum is engaging and targeted towards student interest, delivering an education based on future needs and purposes.
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All teachers and staff employed at The Academy have an aligned passion for holistic growth and athletic education. Strengthening student and staff relationships.
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We have guaranteed future pathway options for students post their Academy experience in a wide range of careers and sectors.
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Creating a High-Performance mindset by focusing on who you are and growing rather than setting unrealistic goals.
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Our Personal Development Program equips students with tools to cope with the increased stresses of teenage life.
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The Academy is a full-time elite passion school, offering an alternative to standard year 11 & 12 schooling.

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